Ferdinand and the Bullies is Volume 13 of the Walt Disney Fun-to-Read Library.


Once again living happily on his ranch in Spain, Ferdinand has watched as all the bulls he grew up with are shipped off to the bullfights, and is now surrounded by a new generation of younger bulls. Not understanding Ferdinand's gentle nature, the youngsters tease and taunt Ferdinand, but he simply ignores them. The only youngster who takes no part in this pasttime is Ferdinand's nephew, Ramon. Ramon knows his uncle could easily prove to the younger bulls how strong he truly is and frequently asks why Ferdinand doesn't fight his detractors and assert himself. Ferdinand assures Ramon that fighting would prove nothing and continues to go about his daily life. Despite the younger bulls' taunts and pranks, all aimed at angering Ferdinand into fighting them, the gentle-natured bull puts up with it all and continues to ignore them, eventually turning one of their own tricks on them when they lace his feedbox with ants, causing him to huff and sneeze, the sounds sounding like the grunts and bellows of a bull preparing to charge.

Realizing their nasty tricks have no effect on their elder, the bullies turn their attention to Ramon, ganging up on him, taunting him and jabbing at him with their horns. Ramon calls for help desperately, and Ferdinand responds, bellowing angrily and tossing his horns, chasing them all around the pasture until they finally surrender and flee. As Ferdinand escorts Ramon away safely, he explains that, while he might not fight for sport the way other bulls do, he will ALWAYS fight to protect his family. Ramon decides that he wishes to be like his uncle, and the two quietly head to Ferdinand's favorite spot under the cork tree together.