Felix Boule​vardez is a character in The Proud Family. He is LaCienega Boulevardez's father and Oscar Proud's best friend. He and Oscar are both funny and piggy at glamouring at other women and they both like watching TV. They even get nervous when their wives catch them at doing something that upsets them. He is also a big fan of Freddy Freedo. He is the father of LaCienega and the husband of Sunset. He and Oscar often get into trouble together. He and Oscar have a lot in common: both have dominating wives, both have parents living in their home (Oscar has Suga Mama and Felix has Papi) and both have teenage daughters. The differences between them is that Oscar is tall and skinny and Felix is short and overweight, and Felix is also richer and more successful than Oscar at everything, yet that does not affect their friendship. They are also very strict with their daughters hanging out with boys.


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  • In "Forbidden Date", Felix is shown to have normal feet when in fact, like all Boulevardezes, he has large feet.

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