"Feed the Birds" is the seventieth episode and the twelfth episode in season 4 of Mickey Mouse. It premiered on January 12, 2018.


Bird-enthusiast Mickey tries to feed a young bluebird who is repeatedly bullied by a flock of greedy pigeons.


Mickey is joyfully singing and feeding the birds in his backyard. Among the pecking, a small blue-bird named Tuppence is desperately trying to grab a bread crumb, but is unable to. Feeling sorry for him, he gives him a small stack of bread crumbs to eat, but is soon raided on by a flock of pigeons. Mickey is horrified, and berates the pigeons for being mean, but the pigeons simply laugh and mock him.

Mickey, seeing that Tuppence is slowly starving, decides to make a personal bird feeder for him, which includes; an assort of bread crumbs, natural honey drip, citrus infused water, and a frozen yogurt machine. Tuppence thanks Mickey and prepares to eat, but is again raided on by the pigeons and kicked out. Mickey shoos them away, but they assemble and fly towards him like a strategic air raid, prompting him to grab Tuppence and the bird feeder and take shelter in the house. Once inside, Mickey proceeds to make lunch for Tuppence, and opens the refrigerator revealing the massive amounts of food, the pigeons attempt to break into the house, before going down the chimney and raiding Mickey's home. Where they kick both Mickey and tuppence out of the house. They could only hopelessly watch as the pigeons gorge on all the food, tear up the house, and burn and destroy up Tuppence's bird feeder. Mickey is determined to teach those bully pigeons a lesson.

Some time later, the pigeons are lounging around before a TV commercial is shown advertising a bird haven that includes; a hot tub, a chocolate fountain, freshly baked bread, and the hottest action films shown. Excited, the birds fly over to the location. Mickey invites them inside and they enter before realizing the entire thing was a set up. The entrance is promptly blocked by metal prison bars and Tuppence presses an ignition button revealing that the entire building was a huge rocket that shoots up into space. Mickey and Tuppence where finally at peace.

At home, Mickey rebuilds Tuppence's bird feeder and are having lunch, with Mickey singing a song about Tuppence, and how much he loves him as a friend before the episode ends.




  • This episode shares its name with the song of the same name from Mary Poppins.
    • The bird that Mickey tries to help is called "Tuppence", based on the lyrics to the song.
  • Mickey's dedication to Birdland is a reference to Walt Disney's opening day dedication to Disneyland.
  • Tuppence greatly resembles the baby bluebird that Snow White rescues in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
  • When the pigeons are channel surfing, a scene of the Martian Robot chasing the woman around the UFO from Mars and Beyond, an image of Walt Disney and a scene from Aladdin appear on the television.
  • When Mickey tells the pigeons "That wasn't very nice", the pigeons all laugh exactly like Max Hare from the Silly Symphony short, The Tortoise and the Hare.
  • The scene where the pigeons don't let Tuppence have any crumbs resembles the scene the movie Cinderella in which the hens don't allow Gus to eat any of their corn.
  • During Mickey's commercial, Donald's inner tube from Beach Picnic can be seen.
    • Donald himself can also be seen partying with the pigeons inside Mickey's house
  • The scene where the pigeons fly into Mickey's house through the chimney parodies Alfred Hitchcock's film The Birds.


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