Fawn is a deer statue, an ally of the Red Gnomes, Tybalt's best friend and the secondary antagonist of the 2011 film Gnomeo & Juliet.

He is voiced by Ozzy Osbourne.

Role in film

He was first seen noticing that Tybalt was choking on a snail and helped him get it out. He later came to the lawn mower race between Tybalt and Gnomeo. When the cowgirl blue gnome said the rules, including no cheating, he replied, "No cheating?! Hey, that's not fair!" He watch Tybalt win the race by cheating and said that he's the greatest by fair.

Later that night, he was playing a card game with the small red gnomes, he loses due to being to easy, when the spotlights went on because of Benny's paint can. He tried to get Gnomeo, but failed. He was with Tybalt when they bumped into Juliet and ask her if she had seen Gnomeo, to which she replied no. The next morning, he helped washed off the blue paint off the wishing well and asks why would anyone do it to Tybalt with the small red gnomes replying, "Because nobody likes him." Fawn asks Tybalt what they're going to do with Tybalt answering that they'll find their weak spot and damage. They destroyed the blue garden's most prized plant. Fawn was fanning Tybalt when an alarm about "a blue" was called. Fawn asks Tybalt what they're going to do with him replying that they're going to "have a smashing time.

Fawn watch as Tybalt slice off Benny's hat and fight Gnomeo. When Tybalt ran into a wall and get smashed to pieces, he and the small red gnomes angerly attack Gnomeo, sending him to the road. They thought Gnomeo had died when he appeared to be smashed by a car. He later fought in a war between the red and blue gnomes, causing destruction of both of their gardens and apparent deaths of Gnomeo and Juliet. Feeling guilty for what happened, Fawn and the other gnomes make up and end the feud. He was relieved when he saw Gnomeo and Juliet alive and well. He later witness Gnomeo and Juliet's wedding along with Tybalt, who was put back together and reformed.