Fat Chance is the second episode of the first season of the Disney XD series Kickin' It


Milton is extremely excited about winning the school's spelling bee and winning a small trophy but he feels forgotten when Jack comes in from winning at the gymnastics meet and getting a giant trophy. He climbs a ladder and puts his trophy on a high ledge. When Milton tries to put his trophy on the display shelf he falls but is caught by a large janitor. Rudy is glad that the clown store in the mall closed and left the storage room directly below their store open. Lonnie from the reptile store tries to claim the room first but Rudy debates it. That is until he is bitten by a poisonous lizard. Milton and his friends bring a cake to the janitor who saved him but they find out that the janitor, named Nakamura, was a famous sumo in Japan. Rudy moves all of Lonnie's things out of storage and tricks him to sit on his spring-loaded massage chair which throws him again the wall. The kids, after discovering Nakamura's secret, confront him and he says he quit because he was only ever beat by one rookie. They get him to do his "Nakamura Stomp" causing an earthquake in the lunchroom and making the principal mad. Milton talks too much and gets Nakamura fired, but Jack convinces him to take up sumo wrestling again. Rudy and Lonnie agree to turn the storage room into a man cave but they soon break into argument over the TV channel, causing Lonnie to lock Rudy out. Nakamura, as part of his training, runs the mall with Milton strapped to his chest. Rudy calls in another sumo, who he thought was a beached whale at the beach, to be part of the sumo match. When Nakamura discovers that his opponent, Yamazaki, is the rookie that beat him years ago, he hides in Rudy's office. The only reason he comes out to fight is because Milton strips down to his boxers and tries to sumo fight the much larger opponent. Nakamura pushes Yamazaki out of the ring and does his "Nakamura stomp" and falls through the floor onto Lonnie in the storage room. Nakamura leaves to reclaim his career in Japan. Milton thinks he has lost his small spelling bee trophy but Jack had really put it on the display shelf next to his.