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Fantasy Faire
Land Fantasyland
Theme Fairy tales
Opening date March 12, 2013

Fantasy Faire is an attraction at Disneyland in Anaheim, California that opened on March 12, 2013. Between October 2006 and August of 2012, a similar attraction called "Princess Fantasy Faire" was held in the Fantasyland Theater.

Carnation Plaza Gardens

Prior to it's conversion into the Fantasy Faire, the site was known as the Carnation Gardens Plaza, where musical events were held mostly during the evenings (including dancing events) until it was closed on April 30, 2012. To honor this, a plaque in one of the towers commemorates the site's original usage. The dancing events returned in 2013.

Enter the Princesses

From October 2006 through August of 2012, the original site was in the Fantasyland Theater (nee Videopolis) where guests could meet the princesses (save for Rapunzel until November of 2013 and Merida), share in a coronation ceremony and be part of interactive storytelling. This all changed in July 2011 at the biannual D23 Convention in Anaheim Convention Center, where Disney Imagineers announced a new Fantasy Faire would be placed at the Carnation Gardens Plaza site. The site is an extension as it were of Fantasyland (located near Frontierland) and to the west of Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Attractions and Shows

  • Royal Plaza: The princess - three at any given time - are available to guests for meet and greets.
  • Clopin's Music Box: An interactive music box featuring the jester from The Hunchback of Notre Dame along with other Disney characters which plays "Topsy Turvy" when a crank is turned.
  • Figaro: An animatronic figure of the cat from Pinocchio is sleeping until awakened by a bird in a cage.
  • Maurice's Treats: Named for the father of Belle, this snack cart features bagel twists and an apple-passion-fruit frozen concoction for sale.
  • Royal Theater: Two live shows - Tangled with Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder and one based on Frozen with Anna and Queen Elsa (as of December 20, 2014) - are held on the former CPG stage with "medieval vaudevillians" Mr Smythe and Mr. Jones and four maidens assisting them.  Prior to the change, a show featuring Beauty and the Beast with Belle and an animatronic Luminere was staged there. Additionally, the two gentlemen stage mini-shows outside the theater including a Lost-and-Found, a coronation ceremony and a jester juggling class using scarves.
  • Rapunzel's Tower: The center of town square features a statue representation of the Tangled lead character's tower that glows at night.
  • Fairy Tale Treasures: A shop that specializes in Disney Princess merchandise.

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