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Fanny is one of the major characters from The Brave Little Toaster Goes to Mars.


The Brave Little Toaster Goes to Mars

Fanny is first seeing hanging from the living room ceiling, watching the action going on below in Rob (the Master) and Chris' new home. When Robbie (the Little Master) comes into their lives, Fanny remarks how cute he is and how much more attention they give him than Toaster and the other appliances.

When Robbie gets taken to Mars, Toaster and the gang go on a mission and enlist Fanny's help to bring him home. She is reluctant to go with them at first and warns them to be real gentle with her. They unscrew her from the ceiling; however, she falls upside down to the floor with a crash, much to her discomfort.

As Toaster and the other appliances travel to Mars, Fanny can be seen whirring through space while attached to the bottom of a laundry basket. During their journey, she gradually softens up and begins to enjoy her flight though space, as she has never experienced it before since she'd been suspended from the ceiling.

When Toaster and the gang succeed in rescuing Robbie, Fanny returns to Earth with everyone else, including Hearing Aid's long-lost twin brother and Tinselina. She even tells them not to bother screwing her back up on the ceiling because she has grown accustomed to her new upside-down view.

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