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"Family" is a song from James and the Giant Peach. It is sung by the bugs (and eventually by James, too) after they find out about the death of his parents. They begin to act as family around him.

It's included in Disney Sing Along Songs: Topsy Turvy.


Mr. Grasshopper: Take a little time, just look at where we are
We've come very, very far, together
And if I might say so
Mr. Centipede: And if I might say so too
Both: We wouldn't have got anywhere
If it weren't for you, boy

Mrs. Ladybug: Love is the sweetest thing
Mr. Earthworm: Love never comes just when you think it will
Miss Spider: Love is the way we feel for you
Mr. Grasshopper: We're family
Mr. Grasshopper and Mr. Centipede: We're family
We're family
Ladybug: All of us
Mr. Grasshopper: And you!

Mr. Centipede: Think of where we'd be if we were on our own

Mr. Earthworm: We'd be dead!

Mrs. Ladybug: You're what holds us all, together

James: I am?

Mr. Centipede: And if I might say so
Mr. Grasshopper and Mrs. Ladybug: And if we might say so too
Mr. Grasshopper: We never could love anyone as much as
Bugs: We love you!

Glowworm: Love
Mr. Centipede and Miss Spider: Is the strangest thing
Glowworm: Love
Mr. Grasshopper and Mrs. Ladybug: Does exactly what it wants to do
Glowworm: Love
Mr. Centipede: Boy, you know it's true
Bugs: We're family, we're family, we're family, me, me, me, me and you!

Miss Spider: Ashes to ashes and dust to dust
All: Without you there'd be no us

Love is the sweetest thing
Love does exactly what it wants to do
Love is the way we feel for you
We're family, we're family

James: We're family, me
All: And you!

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