title screen for the series, displaying the four recurring characters

The Laugh-O-Gram Studio made seven black-and-white and silent (like everything else at the time) short films called Laugh-O-Grams (not to be confused with the Newman Laugh-O-Grams) that were each based on a different fairy tale. The first two (Little Red Riding Hood and The Four Musicians of Bremen) were made without already having a buyer, while the other five were made on contract for Pictorial Clubs Inc. They were as follows:

Jack and the Beanstalk, Goldie Locks and the Three Bears and Jack the Giant Killer were long thought to be lost films but as of October 14, 2010 were recovered by film historyan David Gernstein. Jack and the Beanstalk and Jack the Giant Killer are often falsely listed as being one and the same film. This is not true, they are two separate and distinct films. For the characters in these films, see List of Laugh-O-Gram characters.