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Fairy Gary is the overseer of the dust-talent fairies from Disney's 2009 film Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure, sequel to the 2008 film Tinker Bell, prequel to the Peter Pan saga.


Fairy Gary has a big brown mustache, hair and eyebrows, and a rather large nose. He speaks in a Scottish accent and wears a kilt. Other dust-talent fairies and sparrowmen referred to his kilt as a "skirt," which caused him some embarrassment. All the same, he and the other Dust-Talent fairies like to tease Terence about having a crush on Tinker Bell.

Fairy Gary is proud of his collection of teacups. Each cup in his collection holds an equivalent of one cup of pixie dust. He especially likes the cup that is actually a teacup from a doll's tea set on the mainland.

Although Fairy Gary spends a lot of his time in the Pixie Dust Depot, he has his little jobs to do just like any other fairy or sparrowman. Occasionally an object - usually something small like a button, but once a whole cart - falls into the Pixie Dust Well. When this happens Fairy Gary dons his suit, which is similar to a scuba diver's suit, and goes into the well to fish the object out.


Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure

At the beginning of the movie, he is overlooking the tinkers fairies' work, and also has a brief conversation with Terence. Later in the movie he helps carry a pixie dust holder during the Autumn Revelry.

Pixie Hollow Games

Fairy Gary is shown at the time where all the teams are announced. Fairy Gary and Terence are partners for the Dust Keeping talents. Fairy Gary flies out holding the flag and shouts "Dust Keeper Pride!" while Terence stays toward the ground covering his legs, since they are both wearing kilts.



  • He shares the same voice actor as Clank, another sparrowman in the franchise.

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