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Fagin is a character from Disney's Oliver Twist. He is a thief, Dodger's mentor, and the leader of a gang of thieving boys. He is considered like a father to Dodger and Oliver at times.

Role in the film

Fagin is first seen being introduced to young Oliver Twist by one of his best boy thieves, Jack Dawkins, also known as The Artful Dodger, who had him brought back at their place in a warehouse where they live. Seeing as to what a polite chap Oliver certainly is, Fagin takes a sudden liking to him.

When Fagin notices him hiding his golden locket in his pocket, which could possibly help him find his lost family, Fagin decides to take it and keep it for himself along with the rest of his "treasures" while stating to Oliver that he and the other boys are now his family. Then, Fagin generously and kindly has his boys dress Oliver up in proper clothing and fed proper meals for breakfast.

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