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Evinrude is a character from from Disney's 1977 animated feature The Rescuers.


Evinrude is a dragonfly who is stated to own the fastest boat in Devil's Bayou. He does not speak in the strictest sense, but is capable of communicating with others. His personality is not well developed, but he does seem to be helpful and courageous.

The Rescuers

When Bernard and Miss Bianca are in need of a boat to reach the riverboat, the location of Madame Medusa's hideout, one of the locals, Ellie Mae, recommends Evinrude to the pair, as he has the fastest boat around. Evinrude takes the pair to the riverboat, and is later asked to round up the other local animals to take part in a rescue of Penny, the young girl that was kidnapped by Medusa.

Evinrude tries to return to Ellie Mae's, but is forced to take cover from a swarm of bats. Later on, Evinrude makes the final trip, managing to land in Ellie Mae's coal stove. By this time, Ellie Mae has managed to gather up the neighbors, in wait of a call from Bernard and Bianca. Evinrude is initially too exhausted to give the message, but is revived by Ellie Mae's husband Luke, by a drink, presumably moonshine.

Evinrude leads the charge, and the group is able to successfully defeat Medusa. Evinrude is later seen at the end of the film, accompanying Bernard and Bianca on another mission.

Disney Parks

Evinrude does not appear as a walkaround character, but he can be seen on the Princess and the Frog float in Mickey's Soundsational Parade.



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