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"Everything is Wonderful" is the tenth episode of The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes.


Simon Williams begs Tony Stark to not take over Williams Innovations, just to find out Stark already did. After Williams leaves, Ant-Man, who heard what happened, criticizes Stark's lack of empathy.

Meanwhile, Thor and Wasp are chasing some A.I.M. agents. Thor damages one of their ship's engines, which forces them to return to their base.

At the mansion, Captain America is visited by Nick Fury, who presents him his old WW2 motorcycle and tells him S.H.I.E.L.D. will always be there to back him up.

A desperate Smon Williams asks his brother Eric for help. Eric takes Simon to A.I.M., where MODOK offers to infuse him with ionic energy to become powerful enough to defeat Iron Man. During the process, Thor and Wasp arrive in pursuit of the earlier A.I.M. agents and fight MODOK, whose mental ray alters he experiment and turns Simon into Wonder Man, an ionic energy being. While Thor and Wasp take care of MODOK and A.I.M., Wonder Man flies away to take his revenge on Stark.

Wonder Man attacks Iron Man, who is saved by Ant-Man. Hank tries to reason with Simon, but is interrupted when Iron Man returns with a bigger armor. The other Avengers come to help and the ensuing battle ends when Wonder Man's energy form proves unstable. The Avengers try to save him by putting him in the arc reactor of Stark Industries, but it's too late and Wonder Man dissipates. A heartbroken Stark explains he took over Williams Innovations just to save it from bankrupcy.

After the Avengers leave, Wonder Man is re-assembled by Enchantress who, along Baron Zemo, recruit Wonder Man.


  • Simon's suit during the experiment is similar to his original Wonder Man costume from the comic books.
  • In the comics, Zemo was the one who gave Simon the Wonder Man Powers, and Eric became Grim Reaper to avenge Simon after his first "death", so it could be said the order is inverted here (Eric as Grim Reaper, Wonder Man's origin, Zemo's intervention). However, Simon's motives to become Wonder Man remain the same.

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