"Everyone Loves Marie" is a song and theme to the 2007 book "Disney Marie A is for Adorable A Fabulous Alphabet!" which can be heard from the CD that comes with the it. The song is sang by the book's narrator Kamala Sankram and composed by Michael Terry. This song also serves as the intro and outro to the CD and read-along version of the book.


Bonjour everyone have you meet Marie? She's the prettiest kitty that you ever see.

Folks far and wide always smile with delight. When they see her soft fur that's so fluffy and white.

Marie loves to sing and Marie loves to dance. Her home is in Paris a city in France

. She loves to dress up and go shopping each day. Then eat a sweet treat in a sidewalk cafe

. If you can ask do you know her the people say "Oui". In French that means yes and it's easy to see why everyone loves Marie.

Everyone loves Marie