Eugeniusz Majchrzak (May 22, 1944 - September 28, 2016) - was a Polish musician, composer, arranger, conductor, and music supervisor.


Born in Warsaw, since 1945 residing in Lodz. There, he attended Primary Music School, then to high school musical. In 1958 the family moved to Gdynia, where he continued his studies at the State School of Music. He received diplomas in three disciplines: piano, trombone, and theory. He continued his studies at the Warsaw Academy of Music (diploma in conducting). During his studies, he worked with Estrada Stołeczna and Theatre Komedia in Warsaw. In 1969-71 he was music director of the Classical Theatre in Warsaw. He also worked in Telewizja Polska and Polskie Radio. In many films dubbed he arranged the songs and was the musical director (for example to Asterix film series, Scooby Doo series, Tom & Jerry Kids & The Care Bears Family), and in some, he lent his voice. He also collaborated with cabarets Owca and Dudek.

Majchrzak died September 28, 2016 in Warsaw, Poland. Buried in the cemetery in Wawrzyniec in Warsaw.

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