"Energy (You Make the World Go Round)" was the theme song of Universe of Energy at Epcot in its first version from 1982 until 1996.


Listen and you'll hear the heartbeat,
Of a universe teeming with force.
See all the forms and the faces,
Of nature taking its course.

And feel all the wonderful motion,
Flowing through things far and near.
Nature will share her secrets,
When we are ready to hear.

Energy, these are a few of your faces,
Glowing in timeless places.
Bringing our lives new graces.

Energy, there is no living without you,
we must keep learning about you.
Now is the time to find how to.

Energy, you are profound,
you make the world go
'round and 'round.
You make the world go 'round.
You make the world go 'round.
You make the world go 'round.