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End of Line Club
End of Line Club is a nightclub in Tron City. It is featured in the film Tron: Legacy.


The club is owned by Castor, a flamboyant and vivacious program. The club is located on top of the tallest tower overlooking the city, and is accessed by way of a windowed elevator car on the outside of the structure. Inside the club is a bar in the main entertainment room, which itself is illuminated in a steady white glow. A booth overlooking the area provides a live entertainment music suite for the Masked DJ's to perform their music. Stairs lead up from the entertainment room to Castor's personal lounge/bar area, with more privacy than the dance floor and wide windows offer views of the surrounding city and sky.

The End of Line Club is a well-known social hotspot where programs can find anything they want; from a non-stop dance party to company and relaxation. It is headlined by two DJ's who ensure the club is home to a non-stop dance party. While most patrons are programs looking for a social gathering, a few also arrived at the club seeking audience with Zuse. One such program was Bartik, who represented an underground rebellion against Clu.

The club was destroyed after a squad of Black Guards detonated light grenades.

Original End of Line Club

In the game TRON: Evolution, Anon and Quorra visited Zuse at the first End of Line Club, but were forced to escape when it was attacked by the Regulator. The original End of Line Club was an ISO-safe haven, and its destruction marked the beginning of the Purge.


  • The "End of Line Club" is a reference to the MCP's signature quote from TRON.
  • End of Line is also a music score on the TRON: Legacy Soundtrack. In Legacy, End of Line is the background music that starts playing when Sam enters the End of Line club.
  • A version of the End of Line Club is featured in Disneyland, as part of ElecTRONica.


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