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Encino Woman
Encino Woman is a 1996 made for television sequel to the film Encino Man. The film was produced by ZM Productions and Walt Disney Television and distributed by American Broadcasting Company (ABC)


Lucy, a young prehistoric woman is unearthed during an earthquake. She's very much alive, but very lost and confused in 20th-century Los Angeles. She befriends David, an ad-agency employee working on a campaign ad for a cosmetics company. He takes her in, tries to help her adapt, he then becomes Mr. Bigshot when his protégé is chosen to be the model/spokeswoman for her animal personality.


  • Jay Thomas as Marvin Reckler
  • Corey Parkeras David Hosenfelt
  • Katherine Kousi as Lucy
  • Rick Overton as Raji
  • John Kassir as Jean Michel
  • Annabelle Gurwitch as Chris
  • Chris Hogan as Roger
  • Joel Murray as Mr. Jones
  • Elisa Donovan as Ivana
  • Clarence Williams III as Javier
  • Bobcat Goldthwait as Yogi Paxil
  • Suli McCullough as Marcus
  • Marissa Ribisi as Fiona
  • Jeffrey Ross as Mr. Smith
  • Michael Burger as Mike

Production Details

  • Director: Shawn Schepps
  • Writers: Anne Joseph, Shawn Schepps

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