Emily Davis is Casey McDonald's best friend and next door neighbor. Emily has appeared in most of the episodes. She is played by Shadia Simmons.


Emily is shown to be caring and also very comforting to Casey. She also has a sense a humor and always has a great solution. Most of the time, she is helping Casey or Derek out with there own problems.


She is shown to have tan hair and wild curls with deep caring brown eyes. She also is seen wearing unique yet fashionable clothing.



Casey is Emily's best friend and next door neighbor. Emily helps Casey out with many of her problems and keeps her up to date with school news and popularity status.

Love Interests


She seems to have an on and off relationship with Derek. In the beginning of the first season, she has a huge crush on him. Also, Derek asked her to dinner once which Casey crashed trying to save Emily from humiliation. Also, Derek asked her to prom in the episode "Surprise" but Emily felt bad as she promised to go with Casey.

Sheldon Shlepper

Sheldon was dating Emily throughout the show until he had moved to Newfoundland and they broke up.