Emil and the detectives
Erich Kastner's oft-filmed children's story Emil and the Detectives was given the Disney treatment in 1964. Though the plot is still set in Berlin, the younger characters have been extensively Americanized, none more so than the title character (played by Bryan Russell) and aspiring teenaged detective Gustav (Roger Mobley). Travelling by bus to visit his aunt, Emil loses an envelope of money to sneak thief Grundeis (Heinz Schubert). The boy enlists the aid of a gang of young detective-story aficionados, led by Gustav, to locate the thief. This leads to a perilous adventure when it turns out that Grundeis is in league with an erudite master criminal known as The Baron (Walter Slezak), who is planning a major heist.


  • Walter Slezak - Baron

  • Bryan Russell - Emil

  • Roger Mobley - Gustav

  • Heinz Schubert - Grundeis

  • Elsa Wagner - Nana

  • Robert Swann - Hermann

  • Ann Noland - Frieda

  • Paul Glawton - Traffic Policeman

  • Rick Johnson - Hans

Production Credits

  • Director - Peter Tewksbury

  • Screenwriter - A.J. Carothers

  • Producer - Walt Disney

  • Editor - Cotton Warburton

  • Associate Producer - Peter V. Herald

  • Costume Designer - Leo Bei

  • Cinematographer - Gunther Senftleben

  • Book Author - Erich Kastner