Emil and the Detectives is a 1964 film directed by Peter Tewksbury based on the novel by German author Erich Kästner. The film stars Walter Slezak and Bryan Russell.[2]

Though the plot is set in Berlin, the younger characters have been extensively Americanized, none more so than the titular character (played by Bryan Russell) and aspiring teenage detective Gustav (Roger Mobley).


Traveling by bus to visit his aunt, Emil loses an envelope of money to sneak thief Grundeis (Heinz Schubert). The boy enlists the aid of a gang of young detective-story aficionados, led by Gustav, to locate the thief. This leads to a perilous adventure when it turns out that Grundeis is in league with an erudite master criminal known as The Baron (Walter Slezak), who is planning a major heist.


  • Walter Slezak as Baron
  • Bryan Russell as Emil Tischbein
  • Roger Mobley as Gustav
  • Heinz Schubert as Grundeis the thief
  • Peter Ehrlich as Muller
  • Cindy Cassell as Pony
  • Elsa Wagner as Grandma
  • Eva Ingeborg Scholz as Frau Tischbein, Emil's mother
  • Wolfgang Völz as Wachtmeister Stucke
  • Brian Richardson as The Professor
  • Robert Swann as Hermann
  • David Petrychka as Dienstag

Comic book adaption

  • Gold Key: Emil and the Detectives (February 1965)[3]


This movie was edited into a 10-part serial for The New Mickey Mouse Club retitled "The Three Skrinks." Episodes aired every Tuesday and Thursday from May 2, 1978 through June 1, 1978.



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