Eloise is a minor character from the 1960 animated short, Goliath II.

Role in the film

Eloise is first seen walking until she nearly steps on Goliath II if not for his mother warning her. The minute she calls her a clumsy ox, Eloise replies: "Now, don't you "clumsy ox" me. I can't watch out for your precious little brat. That's your worry. If you think I'm gonna pussyfoot around the rest of my life so that..." until she is interrupted when Goliath II's mother shouts while calling and warning her son who is unknowingly heading for a hungry crocodile while playing with a butterfly. Luckily, she manages to save her son just in time before the crocodile can snap his prey while stating: "Oh, Goliath, what on earth will I ever do?". Eloise isn't seen throughout the rest of the movie after this. It can be assumed that she just joined the rest of the elephant herd along the rest of the way and that at the end, she accepted Goliath II as a hero and a member of the herd after triumphing over a mouse.