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Thanks for the adventure. Now go have a new one!
―Ellie's message to Carl, in her adventure book
Ellie up
Ellie Fredricksen
Background information
Feature films Up
Short films
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Elie Docter (as a child only)
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names
Personality Friendly, adventurous, caring, loving, brave, devoted
Appearance Auburn hair with bow, blue-green eyes and lacking the right front tooth, blue overalls, barefoot (young).
White hair and worn-out clothes (old/at time of death)
Occupation Zookeeper
Alignment Good
Goal To travel to Paradise Falls and make a Muntz fan club there
Relatives Carl Fredricksen (husband)
Allies Carl Fredricksen
Likes Charles Muntz, spending time with Carl, adventure, her adventure book
Dislikes Not being with Carl, having her dream delayed or cancelled
Powers and abilities
Fate Dies of an undetermined illness
Quote "Good. You promised. NO backing out!"
"You know, you don't talk very much...I like you!"

Ellie Fredricksen is a character who, despite being dead before the events depicted, plays a significant role in the 2009 film Up.

She was the wife of Carl Fredricksen. Ellie only has speech during her childhood scenes, as she is voiced by Ellie Docter (as a child), the director's daughter, but doesn't speak for the rest of her appearances during her life sequence.


Ellie first met Carl as a child when he wandered into her clubhouse. The two became close friends after realizing they shared a similar admiration for explorer Charles Muntz (who later in the movie becomes the main antagonist). Ellie made promises with Carl by saying "Cross your heart!" and Carl does.

Eventually, Carl and Ellie were married, but were unable to have children. They constantly tried to arrange a trip to Paradise Falls, but every time something always happened to prevent it. After Carl finally managed to acquire a ticket, Ellie died of old age and an unknown illness.

Physical Appearance

Childhood years

As a kid, Ellie had red hair with a bow. She had big teeth with a gap, and she wore overalls.

Adulthood years

As Ellie grew older, she has gray hair and wore glasses, and she had footwear.


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  • Ellie has full speaking lines during her childhood years, but has no dialogue in her depicted adult years.
  • Ellie's name is based off her voice actress, Elie Docter, Pete Docter's daughter.
  • In Toy Story 3, a signature of Carl and Ellie Fredricksen was seen on a postcard in Andy's room.
  • Ellie has her own musical theme composed by Michael Giacchino that's first heard when she and Carl meet as children and plays several times throughout Up after her death, particularly when Carl gets the house up in the air with the balloons and during the climactic battle between Carl and Muntz as it plays against Muntz's theme.
  • Ellie is the sixth Pixar character to die, after Combat Carl, Hopper, Coral, Syndrome and GO-4.
  • The balloon with a stick, which is the same one that Carl got, resembles the balloon (nicknamed "Balloon") from the Winnie the Pooh franchise.

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