Eli Williams is a character in Boy Meets World.

Character Information

A good friend of Jonathan Turner, Eli Williams quit the local news station and taught media relations classes at John Adams High. His mark is of truth, his ability to dig out what's actually going on in the media.


  • Has been a friend of Turner's for quite sometime.
    • Although, is noted for occasionally choosing women over his buddy. (Especially in "Train of Fools")
  • Aggravated Feeny on the day of his interview, but was hired anyway.
  • Offered advice to Cory on a few occasions.
    • In "What I Meant to Say," he urged Cory to talk to Topanga to figure out what the problem was.
    • In "Truth and Consequences," he taught Cory about how ethics weren't always black and white in the adult world.
  • Attended Eric's graduation party at Chubbie's.
  • Was never seen or heard from again.

Alternate Personalities

  • Hep Cat (I Was a Teenage Spy)