Eli Shane is the leader of the Shane Gang. He succeeds his father as The Shane.


Eli grew up on the surface always dreaming of the day his father would take him down to Slugterra to become The Shane - a Slug slinging hero who protects this amazing underground world from bad guys! When Will Shane goes missing, it's up to Eli to make the drop down to SlugTerra alone on his fifteenth birthday, and learn how to become the greatest Slug slinger. Eli has a high potential and is ready to take any evil in SlugTerra and beat the vicious Dr. Blakk.


Eli debuted in The World Beneath Our Feet, Part 1 when, after his father was trapped by Dr. Blakk, was sent to SlugTerra. In his father's roost, he picked up his first Blaster, and encountered Pronto. Pronto then lead him to a Slugslinging tournament, where they met Trixie and Kord. For the qualifiers, he meets and defeats Shockwire. In doing this, he gains Joules. In The World Beneath Our Feet, Part 2, Eli and Pronto meet up with Trixie and Kord Zane at the first cavern for the tournament. Eli soon gains a good arsenal of Slugs in the process. Eventually he meets Dr. Blakk, who offers him a ghoul to try and get him to work for Blakk Industry, but Eli declines. Later during the final match he discovers that his opponent was given ghouls. Despite having a large array of slugs Eli still looses the round.


  • Eli is one of the only Slugslingers to name their Slugs, even developing bonds so strong that if one disappear to him its like the loss of a family member.
  • His favorite Slugs are Burpy, Joules and Doc.
  • Eli has a Flopper named Noodle.
  • LK-E (Lucky) is his favorite Mecha-Beast.
  • Eli has owned two blasters so far.
  • The Defender Slipstream XVL is his favorite Blaster, it is the 2nd one he owned.
  • Eli is the only other person other than Shinai to perform a Fusion Shot. He used Joules and Burpy to create an electric fireball.
  • Eli didn't know how to trash talk.
  • Eli wanted to keep a secret that he was born in the world above. As of A Distant Shore, Trixe, Kord and Pronto now knows, also in The Return of the Eastern Champion it is revealed that Junjie also knows about the surface, as his ancestor Yang is from China.
  • He has an uncle who was succeeded by his father before him.
  • When Eli came to Slugterra, he only knew the basics.
  • His father kept a lot of secret from him.
  • It was revealed on The return that Eli own a Geoshard.
  • Eli owner of the Double Barrel the only fusion blaster that is currently operating.