Elephant Walk is a comic inspired by The Lion King.


Elephant Walk begins with Simba, the prince of the Pride Lands, running away from Zazu who supervises his activities repeatedly each day until he stumbles off a cliff. The cub bounces onto the back of an elephant who feels he has been attacked. When Simba regains his consciousness, another elephant happily greets Simba, and tells him that they lost their parents when they crossed the river earlier in the day. Simba tells the two young elephants that he knows the location of an elephant herd, and that he will lead the young elephants there. He also tells that they must first cross through savannah and Pride Rock. The elephants are startled that they have to cross the savannah plains as they fear running into carnivores, which leads Simba to tell them another direction.

The young cub leads the elephants through some prickle bushes which leads to a cliff of a steep canyon. Simba and the elephants walk near a cliff, and enter through a dense swamp. When they reach the end of the swamp, they approach the river in which the elephants and Simba fall into. Luckily, Zazu finds Simba with the elephants, and flies to Mufasa to help him. Meanwhile, one of the elephants pluck Simba from the water, and lay him on their back until Simba notices this river is crocodile-infested. At the same time, Mufasa races to save his son, while an elephant in a herd hears some trumpeting coming from their son.

Just in time, Mufasa and the parent elephant scare off the crocodiles, and save their children. When one of the younger elephants emerged from the water, Simba falls back into the river, but it is rescued again by the parent elephant, and returns him to the "Lion King". The younger elephants are shocked when they find out that Simba is a lion, and faint.

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