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Brave - Power Charms

The Charms help Merida wield the powers of Earth, Fire, Wind and Ice within her bow and sword in Pixar's Brave, the video game. Icons of the charms help players know which charm Merida must use, on the enemies and items to clear her path.

Earth Charm

This charm does extra damage to root beasts and flying enemies and can also make objects grow.



After Merida returns to the Witch's Cottage, so she could order the witch to undo the spell on her mom, the witch tells her about Mor'du's blight on the Waystones and that lifting it would make the queen human again. To help Merida in her task, the witch gives her a green jewel like charm that holds the power of Earth.

Merida's arrows turn into a pink headed thistle with a long, thin stem as she uses the charm's magic and the arrows leave petals as she shots one.

Fire Charm

This charm does extra damage to wood and ice enemies and can also burn objects.



After Bear Elinor takes off (after defeating a hand full of enemies) Merida chases after her and finds herself in old ruins. As Merida looked for her mother and the next Waystone, she uncovers the Fire Charm and used it's magic to clear away some roots that were blocking her path.

When Merida uses its magic, her arrows cover themselves in fire, without burning them, the bow or her.

Wind Charm

This charm does extra damage to rock enemies and can also lift objects into the air.



As Merida's journey to clear the blight brought her to a forgotten, abandoned village by the sea, she wonders into another pear of ruins and was rewarded the Wind Charm: as she fought rock monsters without it's magic.

Like the fire charm, Merida's arrows surround themselves with the charm's 'windy' element.

Ice Charm

This charm does extra damage to fire enemies and can also freeze or cool objects.



Like the Wind Charm, Merida was rewarded the fourth and final charm as she took down fire beasts. The Ice Charm allows her to cross the cold waters that surround the frozen land(s). But unlike the last three/two charms, the fourth was kept in/on a shrine.

The charm's magic turns Merida's arrows into ice itself and allows her to hold and handle it with easy.


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