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Electric Holiday
Film information
Music by: Michael Giacchino
Release Date(s): November 15, 2012
Running time: 5 minutes
Language: English

Disney's Electric Holiday is a 2012 animated short starring Minnie Mouse. The short is a collaboration between The Walt Disney Company and the Barney's New York fashion industry. Along with Minnie, it co-stars a cast of iconic Disney characters and world renowned fashion designers, models, and more.


Barney's New York & Disney goes High-Fashion with 05:00

Barney's New York & Disney goes High-Fashion with "Electric Holiday"

After seeing a beautiful dress in the window, Minnie dreams of herself in Paris, France where she is a popular fashionista on her way to her next runway, where she struts down wearing the dress from the window. After she wakes from her dream, Mickey arrives and has revealed to have bought the dress as a gift for Minnie, much to her absolute delight.


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