Eider Duck, occasionally referred to as Uncle Eider or simply Uncle, is Donald Duck's uncle and Fethry Duck's father, who was first mentioned in August 1944 in the Carl Barks story The Fighting Falcon. In this story, Donald receives a falcon called Farragut as a present from his uncle Eider who does not live in Duckburg. Farragut arrives inside a big box brought to Donald's house by an expressman.


Donald briefly mentions his uncle again in a 1969 comic.

Barks never mentioned Eider again in any of his stories. Donald did briefly mention his uncle (Fethry's father) in an unnamed Disney comic from 1969, written by Dick Kinney and drawn by Al Hubbard. Here, it is told that Fethry's father taught his son to read.

Eider made his first visual comic appearance in The Empire-Builder from Calisota, where he was shown to be the son of Humperdink Duck and Grandma Duck, and could be seen working at his parents' farm. He later made a brief cameo appearance as a background character in Duckburg in the 2011 crossover comic Dangerous Currency.[1]

Eider was also shown on a portrait on Don Rosa's Duck Family Tree, as the husband of Lulubelle Loon and the father of Whitewater Duck and Fethry Duck. Given the fact that, in O Nascimento Do Biquinho, Fethry mentions that he has got a sister, Eider and Lulubelle must have at least one daughter. Eider is also the grandfather of Fethry's nephew Dugan.

Since Eider's brother Quackmore married Scrooge's younger sister, Hortense McDuck, he and Scrooge probably became brothers-in-law in relation to each other. Therefore, Scrooge would be uncle by affinity of Whitewater and Fethry (the latter calling him "uncle" on most occasions).



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