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"Eglantine" is a song written by the Sherman Brothers from Bedknobs and Broomsticks. It was sung by Professor Emelius Brown (David Tomlinson) as he tried to convince Miss Eglantine Price (Angela Lansbury) to perform magic shows with him, but it didn't work.


Emelius: Let us strike a bargain, you possess a gift
but I can speak the jargon
that can give your gift the needed lift.
You possess the know-how
and I command the show-how
Oh, how successful you could be ... with me!

Eglantine, Eglantine!
Oh, how y'all shine!
Your lot and my lot have got to combine.
Eglantine, Eglantine!
Hark to the stars
Destiny calls us
the future is ours!

As the shine sells the boot,
and the blossoms the fruit
all you need to succeed in your plan
is the proper ally upon whom to rely
and I'm your man.
For I have an acumen that's nigh superhuman.
I sell things that nobody can!
So I humbly suggest
you accept to my behest
I'm your man!

Eglantine, Eglantine
Oh, how y’all shine
Your lot and my lot have got to combine
Eglantine, Eglantine
Hark to the stars
Destiny calls us ... the future is ours!

With my expert pantomiming
the proper taste and timing
I'll introduce you in the manner grand
I'll wet their appetite for you
I'll set the scene so right for you
we'll have the beggars eating out of your hand.
As the words sell the tune
and the moonbeams the moon, all you need to succeed in your plan
is a champion rare, with a flourish ... and a flair
And I'm your man!

Eglantine: I have always had a bit of a knack for witchcraft
Common spells and simple charms came naturally
so when the war began, I conjured up a plan
to do my bit in the national emergency.

I enrolled in your Correspondence College of Witchcraft
And I slaved at every lesson as it came.
But the spell I counted on,
Is the lesson that is gone.
It's disappeared, and you're the one to blame!

Your suggestions are rash and your manner is brash
and I've no time to waste, Mister Brown.
If I am to proceed, it's that book that I need.
Don’t let me down!
But if you'll see me through
I'll discuss it with you
Though I've no taste for playing the clown
If I meet with success, then I might acquiesce-

Emelius: I won't let you down!
Eglantine, Eglantine!
Oh, how y'all shine!
Your lot and my lot have got to combine
Eglantine, Eglantine!
Hark to the stars

Both: Destiny calls us, the future is ours.

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