Edward "Edwin" Venturi is Derek and Marti's 13-year-old brother and Casey and Lizzie's new stepbrother of Life with Derek. He is the second son of George Venturi and the step-son Nora McDonald. He is also the twin brother of Lizzie; they share the same birthday. He is quite protective of Marti when he worries about her too much. He is portrayed by Daniel Madger.

Character Description

Edwin is your normal thirteen-year-old boy; he enjoys pranking his stepsister. Lizzie is a devoted follower of video games like Babe Raider. He also thinks of his older brother, Derek, as his role-model. He listens and does everything he says. Edwin has also demonstrated an understanding of higher mathematics well beyond the abilities of an average thirteen-year-old.



Derek is Edwin's role model. Even if Derek may be giving him some really bad advice. He generally attempts to be like his older brother Derek, thinking of him as cool. Even though trying to be like his brother. He is not obedient to Derek as before and often betrays him only to beg for mercy later.