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Edgar Dalloway is the main antagonist in the film, Halloweentown High. He was the head counciler of the Halloweentown Council and Ethan Dalloway's father. He wanted to keep the mortal world and Halloweentown separate by closing the portal for good, to do that he got help from the Knights of the Iron Dagger to cheat if Halloweentown Students make it through the mortal world without the Knights' threats and see humans can like Halloweentown creatures like they were part of the mortal world, the Cromwells can keep their powers and the portal will still open, if they don't Dalloway can take away those powers and the portal will be closed forever. In the end, for cheating Dalloway was banished from Halloweentown and lost his powers.

He was also mentioned several times in Return to Halloweentown, one of them revealing that he was a member of the Dominion.

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