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Edgar "E" Gore is a supporting character in Tim Burton's 2012 animated Disney film Frankenweenie. He is an eccentric, deformed child who becomes responsible for revealing Victor Frankenstein's secret of resurrection to the other schoolchildren.


Edgar “E” Gore is a 10-year-old needy misfit who doesn’t have friends but is desperate to be Victor’s partner for the science fair. In his attempts to be accepted ‘E’ tends to mess things up and often fails to think before he speaks. Even though ‘E’ promises not to tell Victor’s secret, he accidentally spills the beans.


  • Edgar is a reference to the Igor stock character popular in the horror genre.
  • Atticus Shaffer has stated that he patterned Edgar's voice after that of iconic film actor Peter Lorre.
  • In the film, when Edgar revives a dead rat it mutates into a lycanthropic rat-creature which has features similar to a werewolf.


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