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Eden Hall Warriors
The Eden Hall Warriors are the hockey team for Eden Hall Academy. The school has two teams, a Varsity and Jr. Varsity Team. All of the Ducks from the Team USA are given scolarship to the Jr Varsity Team. The varsity Warriors team have held the state title for 20 years. Under Coach Wilson, The varsity team has won ten consecutive State Championships. The Jr. varsity and the varsity teams play each other every year to see who is the better team. The Jr. Varsity Ducks beat the Varsity Warriors 1-0. After The Game, Gordon Bombay revealed that he was legally able to change the mascot of Eden Hall from the Warriors to the Ducks.


According to Coach Orion, the varsity team is good but incredibly arrogant, due to consecutive wins year after year and because some of them have ties to important members on the board of trustees. Like most of the opponents the Ducks faced, varsity is composed of an all-male line-up with upperclassmen who are bigger, taller, and tougher. Ironically, some of their players embody the stereotype of a brain-dumb jock whose brute actions and bigger body make-up what they lack in intelligence. The latter feature allows the Ducks to play off the stupidity of some of the players in their pranks, like when Charlie brought in horse feces as "homemade brownies" to pay back varsity for stealing Ken's lunch every day. Some members like Scooter and Rick, however display some form of intellect compared to the stereotype members on their team. Most of them seem to come from money and/or have ties to members of the trustees, to which they abuse constantly to flaunt dominance over the school.


  • Coach Wilson


It is hinted in the beginning of D3 that the Ducks were brought in partly as a publicity stunt but also because the JV team was in desperate need of a new, better team of players. Dean Buckley attempts to put pressure on Coach Orion and the Ducks to live up to that promise of winning and being as good as varsity. This is seen through various stand scenes where he talks to one of the board members about keeping them on or cutting them altogether. Eventually he breaks down and tries to force Coach Orion to drop the Ducks and start from scratch, in addition to revoking the scholarships of the Ducks, claiming that they aren't playing well enough to deserve them. However, Coach Orion threatens resignation if the Ducks can't keep their scholarships and be his team which in turn results in Gordon Bombay coming in and defending them as a legal aid.

Jr. Varsity Roster

  • Coach Orion


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