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Eddy is Davenport's sarcastic, smart home system, in the series Lab Rats. He is invented by Donald Davenport. He is voiced by Will Forte.



His body consists the letter for his name. The E for his whole shape, The D's for his eyes and mouth and the Y for his suit.


Eddy is one of Davenport's inventions. He is his smart home system. He is located in the living room, the kitchen, Davenport's lab and other rooms in the house. When active, Eddy can control the house. He is somewhat sarcastic and jealous of Tasha Davenport. He is Davenport's best friend. He dislikes the Lab Rats and lightens up whenever there is an opportunity to get rid of them, like during the first episode. He also treats davenport as "Daddy" calling him by that name sometimes. He seems to also take a liking to Eddy.

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