Eddie Taffet is the main antagonist of the 1998 Disney comedy film I'll Be Home for Christmas.

Role in the film

Eddie is constantly trying to steal Jake Wilkinson's girlfriend, Allie Henderson, away from him throughout the film. He purposely manipulates a situation to make Jake look bad and use the opportunity to get his gang to help strand Jake in the California desert wearing a Santa suit with no money, ID, or his tickets home to New York. In doing so, impeding his efforts to get home and forcing him to have to hitchhike in the next four days to get there. To complicate matters further, Eddie takes advantage of Allie thinking Jake abandoned her in order to get her to ride with him so she can get home.

After making Jake exit his vehicle for some stuff he said, he continues his drive to New York. He stops behind a cross arm, which closed part of the road off due to the town's annual 5k Santa race. He insults two men in Christmas tree costumes, which happen to be local police officers. As Jake is leaving the bank to cash his winnings from the race, Eddie's Nissan Pathfinder is being towed and Eddie has been arrested. He begs to Jake to help him, but Jake just watches the police take Eddie away.