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Edward J. "Eddie" Horton[3] (voiced by Justin Shenkarow) is a 13 year old earthling, deuteragonist of the series and Lloyd's best friend.



Eddie was born sometime in the year X14 to Frank Horton and Mrs. Horton. Eddie attended Woxagon Elementary school in the year X21. When in first grade, he was one of three kids who did not make fun of the new kid Lloyd when he make a fool of himself in front of everyone. Instead Eddie offered Lloyd to sit beside him, starting their long time friendship. It was here Eddie met Douglas and Kurt, his other two best friends.

During his childhood Eddie was also intrigued about his fathers police work and would often ask him about it, to which his father would always say "Aw son, police work is serious work. It ain't for kids."


Eddie has been known to be sarcastic, witty and by far the most charismatic of the group. Despite this, it has been shown that Lloyd develops Eddie's personality as without him, Eddie is brought down to a loner and a dork, more so than before. Eddie also hates to be called Edward. Eddie is also the only one in the group who isn't afraid to stand up to the more popular kids, even when outnumbered or outmatched.

Physical Appearance

Eddie is a tall 13 year old human with short, wavy orange hair with yellow hair, and pale Caucasian skin. He wears a blue long sleeve shirt, black shoes, red pants, and a puffy vest.


  • (To Lloyd after being called Edward)? "Edward? Why I oughta..."
  • (To Kurt and Lloyd)? "You two are pathetic."
  • (To Douglas)? "No skullus but I see a few new wrinkles."
  • (About Scott)? "Wow...that dude does not like Lloyd..."
  • (To Brittany and the girls) "Stop right there, you treacherous vixens."


  • Even though Eddie does not like being called "Edward", he seems to be okay with Douglass calling him that. 


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