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"Eat to the Beat" is the sixty-fourth episode overall and the thirteenth episode of the third season in Wizards of Waverly Place.


After Harper's lunchtime Shakespeare impressions are a total bust, Alex and Stevie ask Justin to hire a rock band to play at lunchtime. Justin agrees, feeling that he owes Stevie since she got him elected to become Student Body President. However, Justin hires a smooth jazz band instead of a rock band, which angers Alex. Harper later finds out that Stevie is a wizard, but instantly forgets it after Stevie uses a spell to erase Harper's short-term memory.


  • Take away all meat and add some snazz, turn this noise into smooth jazz – Turns rock music into smooth jazz
  • Simplify your mind, leave that thought behind – Erases the last few moments of one's memory

Guest starring

  • Hayley Kiyoko as Stevie Nichols, Aaron Hendry as Guitarist, and Beau Billingslea as Burt Parks


  • Jake T. Austin as Max Russo, Maria Canals Barrera as Theresa Russo and David DeLuise as Jerry Russo


  • The band Ughh is based on the actual rock band Gwar. This episode first premiered on April 1 in Hong Kong. This also is the second episode in which only three main cast members appear (since "Saving WizTech (Part 2)"). Also, this is Justin's first day as the school president (which he was elected in "Detention Election"). Also, it is shown that Stevie is in fact a wizard when she took out her wand to change the rock band to a smooth jazz band.

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