Dummy Dancing is the third episode of the first season of the Disney XD series Kickin' It


The Wasabi Warriors have a contest in the hallways by sliding on lunch trays on the freshly waxed floor. Truman, an enemy of the kids, comes to see it. Milton blows Jack's record away but they soon find out that his tray was greased with butter. In the dojo, Rudy is training with his students until Jerry screams and leaves the bathroom in a bathrobe... and with pink hair. Everyone laughs, including Truman who walks in to see it, but Rudy confirms that he couldn't have pulled the prank since he hadn't come into the dojo. Rudy shows Lonnie a piece of rice costing over a thousand dollars on which is written the Wasabi Code, but Lonnie's lizard shoots its long tongue out and eats the grain. Lonnie tells Rudy that the lizard will only poop once a year and Rudy must simulate a full year. At Seaford high, Kim is leading a pep rally. When she tries to break through a paper banner she becomes stuck to glue all over it. Truman gets a huge laugh out of it. Jack tries to flirt with a girl but when Jerry and Milton help him look good he puts blue cheese dressing on thinking it's cologne and throws up on her shoes, causing everyone else to throw up and giving Truman more laughter. At the dojo, the gang thinks Eddie will be the next target, until Eddie reveals he pulled all of the pranks because Truman was blackmailing him with a video of Eddie dancing with a punching dummy. The kids enact their plan to get the USB drive with the embarrassing video. Kim distracts the guard and Jerry distracts her dog (since he was "partially raised by wolves"). Milton and Jack sneak and crack the lock on the safe holding the USB. When Truman finds out, he comes angrily to the dojo only to find out that the martial artists have a video of him throwing a tantrum. They delete both videos and Truman claims he put the tantrum on as a show. The Wasabi Warriors tell him that if he messes with one of them, he is messing with all of them. Jerry is shown flirting with the security dog but the guard informs him that "she" is actually a boy dog. Rudy finally gets the rice back after the lizard is scared by fireworks but he soon eats the grain of rice again.