"Dugan's Birth" (rough translation of O Nascimento Do Biquinho) is a Fethry Duck comic story with the first canonical (but second published) appearance of his nephew Dugan Duck


Fethry and his girlfriend Gloria are checking the Duck family tree, and one branch has no name, just the drawing of an egg. Fethry explains that four years ago, when his sister was about to get her first egg from the stork, a hand came from the egg and knocked the stork out, and when they searched, only found the stork and the broken egg shell. Gloria uses her "charm" to convince a reluctant Fethry to look for his nephew in the jungle where the egg was lost the first time.

Fethry and Gloria travel to the jungle, and find a skeleton, but it turns to be just a ceramic fake. It has a note telling "I'm on the trace of Stone City. After I found the duckling raised by porcupines, he became my anguish. I think I'm being followed. HELP...!" Fethry and Gloria seek Stone City as the Duckling obviously is Fethry's lost nephew. However, they are captured by hostile natives.

Fethry and Gloria are brought to Stone City, and jailed alongside an old archeologist who turns to be the one who wrote the note and was captured by the natives while sleeping, and the kid was taken by the natives, to which the archeologist says "poor natives". In other part of the city, the natives try to put Dugan (the kid) in a plate with vegetables, to be sacrificed to a volcano, but Dugan escapes and causes the natives who follow him to destroy some sacred statues. Dugan runs to the prisoners' cell and catches Fethry, which Gloria believes is because the kid recognised who was his relative, but actually is because Dugan wants Fethry to be sacrificed instead of him. The natives take both to be sacrificed.

When Fethry and Dugan are about to be sacrificed, Fethry tells the kid that he is his uncle, so Dugan decides it's better to jump to his own death, and Fethry also jumps following him. It turns that the natives are the joker tribe of Quiuanagucha and the ducks weren't in real danger, with a net awaitihg them before reaching the lava. They also added the artificial skeleotn to scare visitors.

The chief asks the ducks to not tell anything of what they saw. The archeologist believes it's to not be found by the civilization, but the chief tells it's because they couldn't make more jokes. While the group returns to Duckburg, the archeologist is sad to not be able to tell his discovery, and Gloria suggests him to write the story of the kid raised by porcupines. Dugan begins a long speech of his life story that gets the archeologist bored.