"Duck the Halls: A Mickey Mouse Christmas Special" is the fifty-eighth episode of Mickey Mouse. It premiered on December 9, 2016.


The film begins with Mickey Mouse singing a song with a different voice (at first until a minute later.) while the whole gang was setting up for Christmas.

It was Christmas Eve, and Donald had to migrate to the south. Donald tries to make excuses and pleads to Daisy that Donald had never had a Christmas. Daisy says it's too cold, Mickey then introduces Christmas to the ducks and tells them his back-story. Then, Mickey has an other thought that Donald wouldn't really appreciate the snow. Daisy took Donald in the car and said goodbye to everyone.

Daisy was driving Donald to the south and Donald finds a present that reads "WE WISH YOU WERE HERE". Donald then flies out of the car once they pass the big bridge and the big billboard, much to Daisy's annoyance and sarcastic feelings.

Donald breaks in Mickey's house and everyone is so happy that Donald is staying for Christmas so Mickey claims this to be the best Christmas ever.

Meanwhile, in the south, Daisy feels a bit gloomy that Donald wasn't here and the Professor says that if Donald stays in the cold, Donald can risk being dead. Everyone gasped, but Daisy said "The moment the temperature drops ten degrees, he'll come running with his tail tucked between his legs." very sarcastically. Everyone believed in Daisy and claimed to have the best migration ever in the meantime.

Elsewhere, Donald, Mickey, Minnie and Goofy was setting up for Christmas and Mickey got a big list of all the things that they're going to do until Christmas morning! So the whole gang (excluding Daisy) did everything on the list and no one realized that Donald was starting to feel sick and catches a very bizarre cold and is risking dying. As they sing carols, Donald's mouth falls off of his face and Donald pushes it back on, feeling very outlandish.

At the south, Daisy, Scrooge McDuck, Professor Von Drake, Huey, Dewey and Louie are in a old bathtub and is feeling a bit gloomy that Donald wasn't there, until they heard a blender mimics Donald's laugh. That made everyone think it was Donald until it was all just a blender blending a tropical smoothie. Daisy got a bit frustrated and was about to call Donald.

At north, Mickey, Minnie and Goofy was preparing to make the whole Christmas great for Donald. But Donald was in the bathroom, trying to get things right. Donald was trying to make himself make it because he was already risking death, much to feeling so cold. Minnie offered a bit of candy and then Donald encouraged himself that he was doing great, but the whole gang was finding out Donald's antics and Goofy was shocked that Donald looked like death, so he offered him a cup of cocoa and then Donald was so hot so he went outside, much to turning back into snow. Mickey and the whole gang were a bit worried and confused about Donald's issue. Then, Donald received a call from Daisy and Daisy noticed too, so the whole south gang was going to get Donald from north. Mickey and the gang were finding out and Donald's antics was getting worse, so they were getting him to south pronto, but Donald refuses to go to the south and runs away, looking for more Christmas.

Donald was looking for more Christmas and Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and even Pluto was looking for Donald. Donald was now on the roof of a barn when he falls down the roof, and that is when Mickey and the gang noticed the saddest: Donald was now dead!

The whole gang took him back inside in a bed and Mickey sobbed that Donald was dead until Santa arrived. Mickey and the gang took him to the south. While the journey, Donald was getting so worse now that he was going to die in seconds, so Mickey and the gang went on hyperfaster.

The ducks in south was going to get Donald. Daisy said very sarcastically: "And when we get him......I'm gonna kill him!" Then, Santa's sleigh was flying at 10,000 MPH and crashed in town. Then, Goofy mistakenly finds a meal and mistakenly says it was Donald in death and cooked, until Donald went out of the fountain, ALIVE! Daisy nearly got angry because Daisy missed Donald. Donald then feels sorry that he didn't come to south, and that Donald missed Christmas morning. Then, an angry Santa Claus then comes to both the gang and nearly gets cross because the gang took his sleigh. Then, Santa drops the bomb and the moral: "It's not where you have Christmas that's important. It's how you have it." So the ducks learned that they can have Christmas anywhere!

As the special comes to an end, everyone has a beautiful Christmas morning on the beach!


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  • At 21 minutes long, this is the longest episode of the series to date.
  • This marks the first time Scrooge McDuck and Ludwig Von Drake have interacted in animation since "A Midsummer Night's Dream".
  • When Ludwig Von Drake says that the winter conditions can be fatal to Donald, he explains the details by showing an image of Jacques de Vaucanson's automation Digesting Duck.
  • The horses in this special are modeled after the ones from the "Once Upon a Wintertime" segment of Melody Time.
  • The toy soldiers Mickey and Donald dance with are modeled after the ones from Babes in Toyland.
  • In the cold open for this special, Mickey emulates legendary crooner Bing Crosby.
  • In Mickey's flashback, "the twins" are modeled after the Grady Twins from Stanley Kubrick's film adaptation of Stephen King's The Shining.
  • In Mickey's flashback, "Uncle Albert and Aunt Victoria" could be referencing Queen Victoria, and her husband, Albert, Prince Consort.
  • John Kassir voices Scrooge McDuck in this television special, since the character's previous voice actor Alan Young died earlier in May 2016, and his replacement, David Tennant, had yet to be cast for the 2017 DuckTales reboot.

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