Duck Luck is a 1953 Daisy Duck comic story.


The Ladies' Social Society puts on a bazaar to raise money to a painting for their clubhouse, but Gladstone Gander buys a ticket for each raffle and wins all prizes, so people believe the bazaar is a scam. When Daisy refuses to sell Gladstone a ticket, she and Clara Cluck see him finding something, maybe a lost ticket, and set a trap for him: they offer a surprise prize, but other man wins it and it's an orange peel, thus everybody is convinced the raffle was a scam.

Gladstone reveals what he found was a brooch and, believing it was Daisy, retuns it to her. When Disy and Clara count their earning, they find they have just got the prizes' cost, not earning nor losing anything. Suddenly, the real owner of the brooch appears and pays Daisy for finding it, and it's the money needed to the painting.

Gladstone seems to not be so lucky by losing the reward, but the gratitude kisses of the Society ladies make him still feel lucky.