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I happen to be throwing the biggest, baddest, Halloweeniest bash ever!


When Vanessa learns that Doofenshmirtz has inherited a Drusselsteinian castle right next door to her she seizes the opportunity to throw the biggest Halloween bash ever. The whole town is there, including Phineas and Ferb, who act as the event's party planners and DJs. Meanwhile, Doofenshmirtz enlists Perry to help him find a large, hidden treasure that his Great Aunt has placed somewhere within the castle.

Episode Summary

The story opens at the Flynn-Fletcher House, where Lawrence is dressed in a gorilla costume making a jack o'lantern. Phineas tells Dad that he, Candace and Ferb are off to a Halloween party in a castle where they will work. Linda arrives in a nurse outfit, and Lawrence puts the gorilla head on, mock-scaring Mom in the process.

Meanwhile, Agent P jumps into his lair via a pile of leaves quickly cleared by a leaf blower. In his lair decorated for the holiday, Major Monogram, dressed as Carmen Miranda, informs Perry that he has to work tonight keeping an eye out for Doofenshmirtz and Carl enters in a variation of the outfit. After saying that's what he looks like in the costume, Monogram tells Carl he can have it, and will look into getting another costume.

Vanessa is on the phone with the Major's son, Monty, doing a bit of freelance work at a black-tie party, telling him about the party she is throwing in a castle that her dad inherited via a split screen. After saying she'll dress as a vampire queen, Monty says he'll be dressed as The Scarlet Pimpernel. After hanging up, he tells Agent M that he's alone from there.

At the Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated building, Doofenshmirtz gives out candy to trick-or-treaters, including Perry, who is dressed as a ghost. After Perry twists Doof's arm, the doctor says he has no -inator, but inherited a castle from his Great Aunt Henrietta Hawkenschpit, who liked Heinz more than Roger.  Inside that castle is a major treasure, and suggests that Perry join him searching for the treasure on a map with clues.

At the castle, next to the D.E.I. building, Vanessa welcomes guests, including Lacie, who really isn't in a costume, and Candace, who is dressed like Vanessa, as is Stacy, who says she'll change her costume.


End Credits

First verse of Haunted by You.

Running Gags

I know what we're gonna do today


The "Too Young" Line


Ferb's Line

Sings Haunted by You.

What'cha doin'?


Hey, where's Perry?


Oh, there you are, Perry


Perry's entrance to his lair

Perry jumps into a pile of leaves, and the leaves are blown away, leaving no traces of Perry.

Evil Jingle

None, but the jingle can be heard when a group of trick-or-treaters rings Doofenshmirtz's doorbell.

Memorable Quotes

Candace: (dressed as a vampire queen) Vanessa?

Vanessa: Candace!
Candace: Whoops! I guess your party's gonna have two vampire queens! What are the chances, right?
(Stacy enters also wearing an identical costume.)

Stacy: (leaves) I'm gonna go change.

Vanessa: This is a big night for me, my boyfriend's coming. Oh, here he is right now.

(Jeremy, dressed as a Scarlet Pimpernel enters.)
Jeremy: Ooh, a vampire! It's a good thing I have my neck covered.
Vanessa: You're not my boyfriend!
Jeremy: Whoops. Heh heh. Sorry, I thought you were my—
Candace: Jeremy, it's me, Candace!
Jeremy: Ooh, a vampire! It's a good thing I have my—

Candace: Yeah, heard you the first time.

Phineas: Hey, look at you! You're Isabellarella.

Isabella: If I lose a slipper tonight, you know where to find me.
Phineas: Ooh, that reminds me...
Isabella: ("loses" a slipper) Whoops!
Phineas: There's some water on the floor over by the sally port.
(Isabella angrily takes her "lost" slipper out of the punch)
Baljeet: Buford, it is so hot in here! Can I please have some punch?

Isabella: You don't wanna drink that.

Vanessa: Monty should've been here by now. (Another Scarlet Pimpernel approaches her.) Finally. Wait, who are you?

Scarlet Pimpernel 1: I'm the Scarlet Pimpernel.
Scarlet Pimpernel 2: As am I!
Scarlet Pimpernel 3: Same here.
All Scarlet Pimpernels: We are all here!
Vanessa: Ugh!

Stacy: (also dressed as the Scarlet Pimpernel) Hey, what's going—Oh, for crying out loud.

Major Monogram: Monty, is that you?! With the daughter of my sworn enemy?! It can't be!! (Walks up to the Pimpernel next to Vanessa.) Alright, Monty, you've got a lot of explaining to—

Stacy: Oh, hello, Mr. Water and Power Guy.
Major Monogram: I, uh, better check the...uh...thing. Yes. (leaves)
Vanessa: Thanks, Stacy! I owe you!

Stacy: No thanks are necessary for that darned elusive Pimpernel.

Background Information

Production Information

International Premieres

  • October 11, 2013 - Family Channel, Canada


  • The episode title is misspelled as "Druselsteinoween" with one "s".
  • Once again, Isabella is drawn with eyebrows.



  • The Scarlet Pimpernel - A reference from the play, book, and movie is made in the episode multiple times.
  • Carmen Miranda - Was a 1940's Brazilian move star best known for wearing a hat while performing made of fruit.
  • Harry Potter - One of the trick-or-treaters at Doofenshmirtz's apartment is misidentified as a "class dunce with a fake scar."
  • Lady Gaga - Another one of the trick-or-treaters is misidentified as the Princess of Meatland. It's a reference to the performer born Stephanie Germanotta's meat dress from the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards.
  • Angry Birds - A third trick-or-treater is misidentified as "an upset rooster head", which sounds like the general appearance of the Angry Birds characters.
  • The Shining - A pair of twins egress from the elevator akin to those from the Stephen King novel and movie adaptation.
  • Ali Baba Bunny - Doofenshmirtz does Daffy's "I'm rich! I'm wealthy! I'm comfortably well off!" spiel.
  • Windsor Castle - Buford calls Irving "Windsor".
  • Julius Caesar - Candace's "Et Tu?" line to Vanessa comes from the Shakespeare play.
  • Cinderella - This is Isabella's costume. Phineas refers to her as "Isabellarella", and Isabella tries, in vain, to "lose" a glass slipper to get closer to Phineas.
  • Adventure Time - As stated in the Production Information, Vanessa dresses as an vampire queen. Olivia Olson, her voice actress, also voices Marcelline the Vampire Queen on this series.


  • Additional voices: Brian Phelps[1], Jill Whelan, Lucas Grabeel, Michaela Zee, Rob Morrow, Todd Stashwick

designates a character that did not appear in this episode


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