Dr. Minutia is a one-shot villain on Teamo Supremo, first mentioned in the episode "Calling Captain Excellent!" and later featured in the episode "Micro Supremo!" He is Captain Excellent's archenemy, whose weapon of choice is his Reduct-o-Ray, which, as the name suggests, shrinks anyone zapped by it.

In his single appearance on the show, Dr. Minutia learns that Captain Excellent, who is currently off battling Big Skull, has left his Hyper-Michronic Device at Level 7, so he plans to steal it. When Teamo attempts to stop him, he and his valet, Cosmo, shrink them with his Reduct-o-Ray. With Teamo detained, Minutia makes his way to the state capitol and also uses his Reduct-o-Ray on Governor Kevin and the Chief. However, he and Cosmo have a hard time finding the entrance to Level 7, to the point that Teamo manages to make it to the capitol and send in Crandall's dog, Action, to distract them. Before Minutia and Cosmo can figure it out, Teamo turns the Reduct-o-Ray on them.