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Dr. Kozak is the main antagonist of the 2006 live-action movie, The Shaggy Dog. He is the former chief executive of the "Grant and Strictland" corporation, later becoming its temporary boss.

Role in the film

Dr. Kozak and the whole corporation were being charged because of unauthorized mutations with animal genes. He kidnaps a dog from Tibet who is believed to be 300 years old, trying to use his genes to develop a potion for immortality. His many attempts to capture "Shaggy" (the dog's name given by the Douglas family) resulted in the "accidental" capture of Dave Douglas, that was bitten by Shaggy and became a dog himself. Dave bites him while in capture, and runs to the courthouse along with his family to get him in the act. He is finally defeated when Dave throws him a nightstick like a common one, alerting his dog senses to get it, thus causing him to grow a tail. He is immediately arrested soon after.


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