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Dr. Flora is a character from A Bug's Life.


A Bug's Life

Dr. Flora was the doctor in the ant colony. She at first thinks Flik is an oddball ant, but when he brings the circus bugs to the colony, she starts to believe in him helping the colony. She seems to strike a good friendship with Tuck and Roll, the pillbugs, as she is seen dancing with them during the celebration of the film. When Hopper returns to the colony, and after Flik stands up to Hopper by telling him how the way things should be, Dr. Flora, along with the other ants, charge at the grasshoppers, sending them away from Ant Island. At the end, she, along with the other ants and circus bugs, cheer for Flik, the unlikely hero.


  • During the outtakes, Dr. Flora makes two mistakes: she mistakenly calls Princess Atta "Princess Abba," and she accidentally knocks down a fake male ant, thinking that he's real.


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