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Dr. Madge Honey Badger is a minor character from the 2016 Disney animated feature film Zootopia. She is a doctor who handles the most pressing medical cases.



Madge was originally named Honey Badger, and served as a major character in the film. She was a conspiracy theorist who believed in the "sheep conspiracy", meaning she was obsessed with a supposedly oncoming apocalypse in which sheep would rule the world. She even had her own hidden bunker with sheep-specific defense weapons.[1][2]

She was also one of Nick Wilde's best friends, alongside Finnick and Clawhauser, and would assist the other members of her circle in different scams.

Though this version of Honey was scrapped, she was reworked to remain in the movie (with a new name), in a minor role as a doctor working on a savage outbreak plaguing predator citizens.

Role in the film

When Judy and Nick infiltrate the Cliffside Asylum, they find the savage animals and Mayor Lionheart as the one responsible for their imprisonment. While the duo hide, Lionheart is seen discussing with Dr. Badger about her theory on predators being reverted back to their savage selves via biology. Dr. Badger voices her concern about the growing problem and suggests they make the case public. Mayor Lionheart scolds her, knowing he too is a predator, which would ruin his own reputation, not knowing Judy was video taping them. After the exposure, both the mayor and the doctor are arrested.

After finding out about the night howlers and exposing Bellwether's plan, Peter Moosebridge announces that an antidote was created by the doctors for the savage predators. It's unknown if Dr. Badger was released to help them.


  • Her professional name was revealed in The Official Zootopia Handbook.



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