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Double Time is the second story of the first season of The Book of Pooh.


One Friday in the Hundred Acre Wood, Rabbit awoke and went to mark the day off his calendar. It was the first thing that Rabbit did every morning. Rabbit marks off Friday on his calendar, which means he has to do Friday's chores. First, he has to pick and peel beans to make bean soup. Next, he has to hole his garden. And finally, he has to sweep his floors. Rabbit went outside to the garden to pick the beans. And off Rabbit wernt to complete his list of chores for the day. However, he didn't count on a certain Pooh bear showing up at his door. Pooh walks inside looking for Rabbit hoping he'd have any hunny he could have. Pooh sees that Rabbit isn't inside. He hopes Rabbit isn't playing that game he doesn't like, "Hide and Don't Eat". He sees that Rabbit hasn't finished X-ing his big sheet of X's. So Pooh helps him by marking off Saturday for him. And he leaves and goes to Piglet's house hoping he would have any hunny to share. Rabbit comes inside as he finishes picking his beans. He got worried since picking the beans took too long.  And then he looks at the calander and realizes that it's already Saturday. On Saturdays he rakes the leaves, mops the floors and visits his friends. But he wasn't even finished with the bean soup. Had Rabbit lost a day or had Pooh lost it for him by X-ing it out? And now he'll have to do everything double time. And then he sings On the Double before he visits his friends. First he visits Pooh, who was counting his hunny pots. Rabbit talks very fast and very short, which makes Pooh very confused. Next, he visits Eeyore, who was sleeping. Rabbit wakes him up and says he's come to visit. And then he asks Eeyore if he can knock his house down. Eeyore says that he can knock it down and Rabbit runs off. Next he visits Owl, who had a story to tell him about a mongoose he once knew. But Rabbit didn't have time to hear the story, since it was a short story. So he asked him to tell the story fast enough so Rabbit can leave. Next he visits Kessie. who was flying in the sky. Rabbit flies along with her, even though he can't fly. He falls down all the way to the ground. And then, he visits Tigger who was bouncing in order to break a record for most bounces. Rabbit bounces along with him to talk to him. Tigger warns him that if he keeps bouncing, he'll rip the Tigger-time continuum. Rabbit hits a tree branch and falls down. Everyone sees that Rabbit hasn't been himself. They've been worried about him. Rabbit tries to leave, but everybody wanted to know why he was in a big hurry. He says that he lost a day, which made Piglet confused. Rabbit says the calander never lies. He starts talking about X-ing each day off, which reminds Pooh about something. It was him who X-ed out the last day for him. He says that Rabbit doesn't need to thank him. Rabbit realizes that he did all this work for nothing. Piglet tells him that he all of Saturday's work today, so now he has nothing to do tomorrow. And so, when Saturday came, our friends resolved to help Rabbit take the day off. But Rabbit keeps getting worried about the other work he forgot to do. Everybody calms him down and tells him to relax. Rabbit got very sleepy, which made everybody sleepy. And that is the story of how Rabbit lost a day, and then he found it again. After which, he also found that everybody, even busy rabbits, need time to relax.

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