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Double Switch is a made-for-television movie, originally broadcast as an episode of The Disney Sunday Movie on January 25, 1987.


Teenybopper rock star Bart Holton is pushed around by his manager for maximum profit and longs for a normal life. Through a look-alike contest he meets Matt, a student who looks exactly like him and can imitate his dancing style perfectly. Bart proposes to switch roles for a week. At first Matt enjoys being chased by hysterical groupies and Bart enjoys hitting on the high school girls, but of course both learn quickly that the other's life is quite different from what they'd expected.


  • George Newbern ... Bart / Matt
  • Elisabeth Shue ... Kathy Shelton
  • Tom Bresnahan ... Greg
  • Mark Bringelson ... Lone Man
  • Tsutomu Carton ... Valet
  • Martin Casella ... Lawyer
  • Mariclare Costello
  • Alyson Croft
  • Michael Des Barres ... Simon
  • Lucinda Dooling ... Customer
  • Chris Drury ... Roadie
  • Vicki Gabrielli ... Stage Manager
  • Jeffrey Hornaday ... Choreographer
  • Claude Knobler ... Jason
  • John Lawlor
  • Karen Michaels ... Waitress
  • Rick Overton ... DeeJay
  • Christopher Peters ... Darryl
  • Lena Pousette ... Princess Regina
  • Betty Ramey ... Secretary
  • John Reade ... Bus Driver (as John C. Reade)
  • Barbara Rhoades
  • Hal Riddle ... Security Guard
  • Michele Russell ... Hilary
  • Henry Sutton ... Servant
  • Jason Tomlins ... Soundman
  • Marcelo Tubert ... Director
  • Peter Van Norden
  • Barry Wiggins ... Person #3
  • BD Wong ... Waiter
  • Ruth Zakarian ... Mary Jo


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