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Doris Deer is the star reporter for the Weekly World Horsefeather, a newspaper company in Possum City, and Pith Possum's girlfriend in the Pith Possum, Super-Dynamic Possum of Tomorrow segments of The Shnookums and Meat Funny Cartoon Show. She is voiced by April Winchell.


No one knows for sure why a human like Doris lives in a city populated by animals, but she is usually found working for the Weekly World Horsefeather news agency. When Mr. Kane calls Doris to get a scoop about a crime taking place, she goes out into the city to search for her top story. Sometimes, she is met up with Peter Possum, who has a never-ending crush on her.

Unfortunately, Doris usually finds herself in danger, often running into Pith's greatest enemies, such as Dr. Paul Bunion. But in the end, it is usually Pith Possum (Pete's superhero identity) who comes to her rescue just in the nick of time (and gets reluctantly kissed). In one episode, she even rescues Pith and Obediah from being dipped in chicken fat (despite that she drops her heroes into the vat by mistake) and joins with them to defeat Bunion and his giant flying lizard.

However, Doris is usually frustrated by Peter's nerdy behavior. But, on one occasion, Peter did manage to go out on a date with Doris to the Gilded Turnip, an elegant restaurant in Possum City. After he keeps slipping away from dinner to fight crime as Pith Possum too many times, Doris dumps him for Pith, much to Peter's sadness. It is unknown what happened to Doris Deer after "Shnookums and Meat" ended.


  • Although Doris Deer had been inspired by Lois Lane from Superman, animation critics argued that the creators of "Shnookums and Meat" plagiarized her design off of Hello Nurse from Animaniacs.
  • After The Shnookums and Meat Funny Cartoon Show was unfortunately cancelled (because of its Ren & Stimpy-type humor), a few people who watched the show doubted the fact if Peter Possum and Doris Deer had gotten married.