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The Doomsday Clock was a device created by the vengeful wizard Zorlock in Adventures of the Gummi Bears.


Crafted ages ago, the clock was meant to destroy the world at the stroke of midnight. Sir Gallent once went on a quest to find and dismantle the clock, but unfortunately passed away before he could do so.

Years later, Gallent's ghost took Cubbi Gummi on a quest to finish what he couldn't. Using a Gummi compass, the two discovered the Doomsday Clock hidden away in an underground treasury. Gallent gave Cubbi a wrench to dismantle the clock's golden gears. The hermit who lived in the vault was convinced that Cubbi was after the treasure. In a tussle with the hermit, Cubbi knocked over a treasure chest which hit the clock's pendulum, setting it in motion. While Gallent dealt with the hermit, Cubbi entered the clock to find the golden gears.

After climbing the internal mechanisms, Cubbi found the golden gears at the very top. As he prepared to unscrew the golden gears, a rip in his suit came undone and got caught in the grinding cogs behind him, causing him to drop the wrench. Suddenly, getting an idea, Cubbi shoved the sewing needle between two of the golden gears. With this part of the mechanism jammed, the rest of the clock's inner mechanisms started coming apart. Cubbi managed to escape before the Doomsday Clock exploded, scattering parts all around.


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